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About Artist Lonny Cloud

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Home of Lonny Clouds digital art and apparel created especially for you and your home.

Here you will find a collection of my (mostly) darker versions of Day of the Dead, Comic, Demonic, and Native themed art.


In 1998, I started to teach myself photoshop using Adobe PhotoShop 4.  While it’s been handy for making my own marketing materials as well as packaging and marketing materials for other businesses, it has alway been a way to take a break from my other more tedious forms of art and jewelry.


Over the years I have used it to create art in many styles. In more recent times I had the idea to create sugar skulls in native themes which led me to many other Day of the Dead mashup pieces. Not all of my digital art is dark, but the dark themes are popular, and after many requests for T-shirts and prints I decided to give the digital pieces a home here to share with you.

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